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Unlocking the Full Potential of this EA: Tips for Achieving a Perfect 100% Pass Rate 🚀💯

For High-Frequency Trading, consider the following brokers/prop firms:

  1. NSF (Next Step Funded)
  2. MDP (MDP Funding)
  3. FCFF (First Class Forex Fund)
  4. Nova Funding
  5. Kortana Proprietary Trading
  6. Infinity Funds
  7. True Forex Funds

Optimal Settings for this EA:

  1. Trading Pair: US30
  2. Time Frame: M1
  3. Use Default Parameters

🎯 Achieving a Perfect 100% Pass Rate:

Manual Trading Routine:

  1. Start manually at 9:29 AM (New York Time)
  2. Trade for a brief 3-5 minutes

Performance Requirement:

  • Note that this EA performs best in conditions of high market volatility. 💥

Customization for a $100,000 Account with Eightcap Broker:

  • Use a lot size of 5. Adjust lot size as needed based on your account balance and broker requirements. 💰📈

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Fxbotz-Ultimate HFT - 50% OFF

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